Wig Care

1.When wearing long wig, it will constantly rub against your clothes and body. So it will become messy after wearing it,especially the inner layer against the back.

2.Care solution + big steel comb is your necessary helper. The care solution can reduce the degree of frizz. After wearing it, the care solution can also be used for better combing, and it is not easy to tear the hair.

3.When the wig is worn disorderly, do not pull hard, please use your fingers to simply comb and untie the knot of end of hair, (if it is already a permanent knot can only be cut off) and then use a steel comb comb the end of the hair, finally from the top down to comb.Don't pull any strings.

4.Wigs do not need to be washed frequently. If you need to remove hair gel, dust or smell of sweat, Please put the wig under normal temperature water, then add appropriate amount of shampoo or conditioner, and gently wash it (Don't soak for too long or scrub too hard ). After washing, use a dry towel to dry the water and let it dry naturally. Do not use a hot hair dryer (it will blow and damage the hair) and avoid direct sunlight (it is easy to be out of shape).


The tips above are a collection of practical tips that I hope will help you.If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us. Enjoy your shopping!


 1.Why does my wig look different from the model's?

Some customers who wear wigs may feel that they can't get the same look as in-store models or booths.

This needs to be emphasized: Grooming and wearing a wig requires a bit of skill, so practice a few more times to find your own style.Of course, everyone's face shape, temperament, clothing and so on are different, and the final result is also different.

2.Hair loss?

The wig was made by a needle - stitch, most links are manual operation.Therefore, a small amount of floating hair will naturally fall off, please feel free to use.

When the wig appears knotted, please do not force comb, otherwise even the best wigs will fall out.Please take care of it in the right way.

 3.Why does it make your head look too big / does it feel loose?

If a wig makes your head look bigger, you probably aren't using the right style or technique, such as hair that isn't properly groomed or styled.Some of the shorter styles actually do create a shaggy hairstyle, which will definitely make the hair look bigger.

If you're feeling a little loose, check the back of the cover for an adjustable clasp that can be adjusted according to your own head circumference.

 4.Hair quantity?

The amount of hair is related to the season, style and texture of hair.

Under the premise of following the industry standard, most wig added 10% - 20% hair quantity, and we try to balance these factors.

 5.Can I dye wig?

The wigs of high-temperature resistance fibre can be shaped with electric coil rods or straight hair splints below 120 degrees.The temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will damage the hair.

Wigs can be dyed, but this is not recommended.On the one hand, the wig has no scales, so it can't lock the color for a long time.On the other hand, the wig dyeing is not as simple as the real hair, the dye is also different, the process takes a very long time, so we do not recommend dyeing it.

6. Is the wig styled? Will the accessories in the picture come with the wig?

All wigs are unstyled. All wig products do not include hair accessories unless otherwise specified. Hair accessories exist only for shooting effects.
If you need to purchase hair accessories, please check out our collection, WIG ACCESSORIES.

Note: we will give away a liner wig cap for every wig.