Ⅱ、Activity Rules

1. Activity Time:November 3, 2020 - November 20, 2020

2. Participants:Giveaway Open Worldwide

3. Prize Setting

     First prize(3 winners): Any 3 items of your choice;

     Second prize(5 winners): Any 2 items of your choice;

     Third prize(10 winners): Any 1 item of your choice;

     Fourth prize(15 winners): 1 belt (sku:K053106);

     Fifth prize(55 winners): $10 cash coupon;

4. How to get?

     ①.Follow @uoobox ;

     ②.Tag 1 friend belowNOTE: Giveaway·November POST ;

     ③.DM " November " to @uoobox .

6. Winning rules

     The winners will be randomly selected by the uoobox data system based on the user's participation in the activity, From the date of the announcement of winners, The winners have to get in touch via ig message within 3 days otherwise we’ll cancel the qualification.

Ⅲ、Announcement of the winners:

     Giveaway closes November 20, 2020, We will announce the winners on ig and uoobox website(

Ⅳ、Other instructions

1. One person can only participate once.

2. In case of any violation, uoobox shall have the right to revoke the user's qualification for participation and the right to withdraw the prizes awarded to the offending user.

3. Uoobox reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.



November 3, 2020